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What attracts people to study abroad?

What attracts people to study abroad?

First of all, the desire to get an education in the authoritative schools of developed, leading countries and to receive a diploma recognized in not one, but many countries, which will open a wide field for employment. Moreover, some countries encourage foreign students if they acquire knowledge in the specialties demanded by the market of this country and have the desire to undergo practice and employment.

The main flow of those who wish to study abroad goes to famous and famous schools, and the world prestige of these schools is determined by their centuries-old traditions and high authority, for example, Cambridge, which was founded in 1209, Oxford - (1096) or the University of Bologna (1088).

The aspiration of foreigners is due to the fact that Western education is more focused on the needs of employers, it is modern and practical. Universities have freedom and great rights in determining the content of their educational policies and training programs, they are in constant contact with business, that is why they offer students a wide range of specialties and specializations and teach what will be really useful in their future work. In addition, in many universities abroad, it is possible to study at two faculties at the same time, for example, along with information technology, you can also study economics or law. In these educational institutions, the number of faculties is increasing, where they introduce a multidisciplinary approach, that is, multifaceted training of specialists, which they will be able to use in the most promising fields of the economy. Foreigners are also attracted by the fact that, in addition to expanding the circle of friends, studying together with students from other countries builds skills for establishing business relations with foreign partners in the future. In addition, studying abroad is favorable for a deep and thorough study of the language, which may also become a serious career advantage in the future.

It is also attractive that, since scientific work abroad is mainly concentrated in universities, students have access to their powerful scientific-research infrastructure, laboratories equipped with expensive and ultra-modern equipment and devices, which reflects the quality of training of specialists in medicine, science, engineering and other fields and the qualifications of graduates. level.

In the leading countries, education is developing very dynamically, it is focused on innovations, information technologies, multimedia tools are practically used in the educational process, students have at their disposal free Internet, the richest scientific libraries, databases. The study includes internships in high-tech research, medical and manufacturing companies, large banks and other financial organizations, which provides the basis for the employment of graduates in the most powerful international corporations. In most higher education institutions, student employment services staffed by highly qualified specialists have been created for this purpose.

As a rule, the storage process takes place here in an atmosphere of open, friendly cooperation. Dialogue, discussion, consulting on educational material and not a mentoring tone are typical for professors. At the same time, studying in foreign universities is hard, daily (not only before the session) work. The rhythm and requirements are quite high. You should constantly read special literature, prepare and submit written assignments, participate in colloquiums, seminars, conferences, discussions, only with this approach you will achieve the desired result.

It is useful to know that in order to clarify the issues of academic performance or to solve household problems at the initial stage, that is, in order to make it easier for newcomers to study and adapt to new living conditions, most universities have a support service for foreign students that offers a special orientation program, provides consultation and practical assistance on all such issues.

Abroad, not only the educational process, but also the domestic infrastructure of student towns and dormitories provides high comfort: well-equipped sports facilities, student cafes and restaurants, clubs based on interests, cultural and entertainment programs - all this is presented in the service of university campuses and, in developed countries, as a norm converted, along with many benefits available to foreign students. During the holidays, you can take advantage of many vacation and travel opportunities at different prices. For example, if you have a long-term Schengen visa, you will travel all over Europe with student benefits during your study period.

Of course, studying abroad is not such a cheap pleasure for us. But we should know that universities pay close attention to the achievements of their own as well as foreign students and especially support the eager and talented ones as much as possible, in some institutions it is possible to receive a special scholarship for this category of students.


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