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Live your dream in Barcelona

Live your dream in Barcelona

Brilliant weather: in Barcelona, temperatures never get very cold, and rain is relatively unusual. Even in winter, you’ll rarely experience temperatures lower than 8 or 9°C—so if you like dodging chilly weather, you’ll love the place.

It’s very cycle-friendly: if you like cycling, Barcelona is brilliant. It was ranked the world’s 13th best cycle-friendly city in 2019, so there are few better picks on the planet.

Endless nightlife and restaurants: genuinely one of the most fun cities in the world, Barcelona has an almost-infinite number of places to eat, drink and dance.

There’s always something to do: with a huge range of festivals, events, meetups, hangouts, people and places, it’s basically impossible to be bored in Barcelona.

You’re close to both beaches and mountains: there are beaches right in the heart of the city, along with mountainous escapes just on the outskirts. 

Huge community of internationals: keen to make friends from around the globe? In Barcelona, you can—it’s one of the most diverse cities in Europe. 

It’s a great place for families, and people with kids and dogs: many of Barcelona’s residents have kids and canines, and there are lots of pet-friendly, family-friendly hangouts in the city. And as a handy bonus, you also get great international schools!

It’s well-located for further adventures: you can easily explore the rest of Spain from Barcelona, and you’re in a good spot for further adventures in Portugal, France, and other parts of Europe. And on top of all that, you’re pretty close to northern Africa!



If you wish to live and study in this heavenly city, we got some good news for you !

EU University located in the heart of Barcelona, is considered to be among the best business schools in the world. EU's Online MBA is ranked top in CEO Magazine’s Online Global Rankings eight years running. Moreover, it's ranked 6th best business school for female students according to Capital magazine. 

If you wish to enroll and start your education as soon as in October, you could get professional assistance from our counselors.

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