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6 Orientation Tips for International Freshmen

6 Orientation Tips for International Freshmen

Each summer, international students make preparations for their journey to the U.S. to begin their academic studies. Once settled on campus, students should take advantage of freshman orientation to start their school year off on the right foot.

Remember That Everyone Is in the Same Boat

Although international students face the particular challenge of adjusting to life in a new country, keep in mind that everyone else at freshman orientation will be new on campus, too. Most schools have additional orientation programming specifically for international students. Attending international orientation is the best way to start to meet other people and those who will be sharing experiences similar to your own.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions 

Orientation is the perfect time to ask questions about the essentials of your new life on campus, from transportation to campus security and banking.

Attend at Least One Mixer 

International students can attend mixers during orientation week to meet other students and grow their social circles. New international students can attend Welcome Week events on campus and take group tours of local attractions with other freshmen.

Attend School Sports Events

While sports may not be your favorite pastime, sporting events are good ways to meet other people. You may not be interested in attending a university sports event, but realize during orientation that this is one of the best ways to embed yourself into your new community. Go try it!

Maintain Post-Orientation Friendships

Attending freshman and international student orientations means you will likely meet many people and should continue growing those friendships beyond orientation. Orientation is a good place to meet students, counselors and international peer advisers who can be helpful throughout a student's academic life. The connections international students make during orientation, can lead to new experiences and help students make the most of their time at a U.S. university. 

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